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Go-to-Market Advisory for

B2B Tech Companies

Start-up founders through to experienced CEOs can find the dark arts of sales and marketing a little opaque.  Sales hiring, management and forecasting.  Market Strategy.  Marketing-Sales relationship.  Sales and marketing operations.  Miller Growth Advisory provides one-off and ongoing engagements to support you and your company.

My background

Having started as a software engineer, I moved into sales and my career has involved many commercial roles in VC and PE backed companies.

  • Building a business unit from nothing to $15m in 36 months

  • Developing an international sales team from 5 to 45 people and $5m to $45m

  • First person in region for an early-stage cybersecurity start-up

  • Chief Commercial Officer for one of Britain's fastest-growing scale ups

I have developed Miller Growth Advisory to, hopefully, use some of this experience to help others build, scale and re-invent fantastic businsess.

what3words full.png

Addressing the World

At an early-stage in their sales development, I was asked to provide sales training on enterprise sales and B2B engagement.  Working with brands in automotive, logistics,  e-commerce and more, what3words is a leading tool for communicating location.

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Billing for SaaS & software

"Ben has been an invaluable mentor for me whilst scaling Paddle over the last two years. His breadth, and depth of knowledge have been priceless in coaching myself and some of the wider Paddle team through the many challenges of a fast-growing software business. Ranging from organisational structure, sales comp, to go-to-market strategy. Ben has allowed us to accelerate our learnings through his experience and vast commercial knowledge, and has become a great friend."


Harrison Rose


 During this period I worked with Paddle, they saw extraordinary revenue growth, took on multiple investment rounds and grew from 20 to 120 people.


Container Scaling

"I worked with Ben for over a year, and I was consistently impressed by him: he was driven, he had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve and he could communicate that vision effectively. He got things done. I would strongly recommend him and would be happy to work with him again."

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Anne Currie




One-one sessions on a regular basis, typically weekly, fortnightly or monthly, to discuss commercial issues which are top of mind – a specific sales challenge, a query about market positioning, tools for sales operations, how to manage a particular personnel situation,… Whatever it may be, we are there to provide advice, and take any ad-hoc calls or emails throughout the month.


Commercial Diagnostic

+ +

The Commercial Diagnostic is a thorough review of sales, marketing, delivery/success and operations.  We interview the relevant people, guided by a database of key questions covering all aspects of go-to-market. The result is an analytic understanding of your commercial maturity, along with a small number of prioritised and focused recommendations for short-term improvement.

We can also offer other fixed term projects, possibly to address output from a Commercial Diagnostic, or maybe to address challenges you're already aware of.  Eg: clarification of your ICP/positioning/ customer pains, repeatable sales process, selecting and deploying the right operations technology, ...

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Fractional CRO

Many smaller companies, start-ups or well established, neither need nor can afford a Chief Revenue Officer.  But often, they need some of those broader skills in sales, marketing success and operations.  Fractional CRO provides you with an experienced, senior commercial leader for one-two days per week, to provide input and required executive activity.  Eg. hiring, market positioning, repeatable sales process, sales and marketing operations, aspects of day-to-day management, and more.  We will agree your requirements and help with this level of input for 3-9 months.

We can't do everything, but we can do this...

What we know

Sales Management and Hiring

Building and managing B2B sales teams is tricky if you don't have the experience. Setting quotas and goals. Providing appropriate materials and support. Motivating and energising. We can provide step-by-step advice and ongoing consultancy to support your team.


Marketing and Sales

Does Marketing deliver the right leads?
Does Sales engage with them promptly? Is your organisation working together to identify your ideal customer, and address them with the right messaging through the right channels? We can support you in navigating this journey, and ensuring that your commercial activities all drive in the same direction.

Sales and Marketing Operations

It's not trivial to ensure that your marketing operations are effectively managing the lead funnel. Do you know where the good leads drop out? When it gets to sales, can you rely on the forecasts you receive? Do you have the right compensation plans? Across the operational processes, there are many ways in which we can help you develop best practice and improve the reliability and efficiency of your operations.

We don't know everything, but we do know Go-to-Market

Fractional CRO

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